Monday, June 15, 2009

Wide-Angle/Low Perspective Shots

Lately some people have been thinking I may not be a true wheelchair user 'cuz I show up with photos like below.

How can I sit and get this shot you ask? We'll it's not all that tricky if you have a few gadgets in your bag. First off, I use a wide angle lens which gets the cool perspective, and then I add my trusty remote shutter control and my super handy Novoflex monopod. Using the monopod, I turn the camera upside down and now I'm at ground level. I wrap the neckstrap around my wrist, and the little foot of the pod gives me a pretty good grip of the camera.

A 12mm wide-angle lens is a lot like a shotgun. You just point in the general direction and you should see some good results. I usually shoot 4-5 shots with the 36" wired remote cable, as I rotate he mono-pod a bit to make sure I get at least one winner.

Nikon is gradually coming out with cameras featuring a rotating LCD which will allow me to use their live mode and actually see what I'm shooting, but as yet I'm not a big user of their live mode so not sure it will even matter.

I also am constantly looking for locations that allow me to get a "ground-eye view" without using the upside down trick. Often parks and commercial centers have ramps and terraces that allow me to roll right beside grassy areas and plants. Now I'm beneath the subject matter without ever leaving my chair.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lately there just hasn't much to post about anything adaptive for photography. This of course is frustrating, but when I hear about something, I'll get I'll get it posted.

I still post a lot about wheelchair accessible places at I've also begun posting photos about adaptive sports at This site is mostly about Arizona sports for now, but I'm hoping to expand soon.