Monday, February 12, 2007

Adaptive Studio Photography Insight

(by Chris Voelker, Northridge, CA)

[Editor's Note: I wrote Chris and asked if he'd contribute an essay on his equipment. Turns out he doesn't have much adaptive equipment, but for anyone interested in photography, Chris is one of the best. Read New Mobility, 09/2006 Voelker: Image Maker]

Hi Loren,

Being a photographer in LA & being disabled is a challenge, but there are some great rewards I must admit. Being able to convey your perspective visually and to break barriers is indeed quite cool. I don’t use any adaptive equipment except for a Gowland studio stand that is on wheels. I’m not sure if Peter Gowland is still in business, but he is a real cool guy. He is in Santa Monica Ca and you see his studio stands around used and they really take a beating. I have had mine for 18-years.

I use Canon EOS 1 DS & DS Mk2 along with Hasselblad 500 CM & ELX which are pretty easy to operate on a studio stand. I hand hold the Canons which has a vertical shutter release that makes tripping the shutter a breeze. I wish I had more info, but I have been making pics for 20+ years and my disability never becomes an issue. If I can help in other ways let me know as I would be glad to contribute to your endeavor. I wish someone like you was around when I started.

Peace To you,
Christopher Voelker

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