Sunday, June 24, 2007

Telestik - Great Gadget

It never fails. I get my camera around my neck and start looking like I know what I'm doing and something falls to the ground. Could be the lens cap, or the spare battery or whatever, but now I need to set the camera down so I can lean over and pick the bugger up. Its a pain and odds are it found its way into some crack or crevice, or rolled under some bush, making the pickup even more fun.

By chance I found a great tool for picking up all sorts of stuff. Its called the Telestik. Its got a very sticky surface on one telescopic tenicle, and a magnet/hook on the other. The thing works pretty slick. My first recovery was a battery that fell and then bounced down an incline. I had it back in no time.

For $30 its a good thing to keep in the camera bag, or maybe on the chair for daily use. Warning: 4 year old boys love this gadget so either hide it or get two.

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